Adam Harper

Pizza Nine


Pizza Nine

Online Marketing, Graphic & Website Design, Photography


Website Design

Initially, I had been hired to work on promoting the company through social media channels, but from the very first day, I knew that I had to help in redesigning the website. The original was old, barely functioning, and hardly customizable. Not to mention extremely pricey!

A company like Pizza Nine needed a complete overhaul on their site to promote their image and online ordering through their website. I saved the company 72% in marketing costs every year by redesigning and switching hosting providers.

Websites are subject to change appearance upon transfer of ownership.

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Company Menu

Taking something that is handed out to every customer that walks in the door, found hanging on the side of a loyal customers fridge, and being able to redesign that is a high point in my career.

My drive for being a creative is to design something that is both beautiful and functional. Being able to redesign a menu to fit those two purposes, something that people can artistically appreciate and efficiently use, is what makes my work enjoyable.


Social Media Marketing

The marketing team was asked to prepare a campaign to promote new combo deals related to the sides we serve.

Working with another team member, we came up with the idea of “Every Hero Needs A Sidekick” and “Sidekicks can be Heroes.” Together we drafted and prepared the designs to promote on Instagram and Facebook.



During my time with Pizza Nine I expressed my skills in photography and offered to take new photos of our food. After the first photoshoot my employers were impressed with the quality of the photos and soon after we had at least three other photoshoot‘s during my time with the company.

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Customer Relations

Responding to customer reviews, both good and bad, provided me with exposure in handling an aspect of the company's public relations.

I was involved in responding to reports on various platforms such as Google Business Reviews, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and social media reviews. Being quick to respond to critical reviews boosted the company image by showing genuine care and consideration for the customers.