Adam Harper

Prints at Howard Hughes


Prints at Howard Hughes

brand design, office prints, adobe illustrator


Logo and Branding

The goal to produce a brand that embraces both cleanliness and elegance kept my focus clear. Several food industries have incredible food, but often the way they present themselves through their branding is subpar.

I wanted the customers to connect the experience of an excellent dining encounter with a brand that builds off of that experience.


Website Design

When I reflect on the initial concepts and designs of the website I wanted to give a feeling of simplicity and ease of understanding.

With this company being a startup I knew that it would be crucial to provide customers with the information they were looking for in a flash. A clean one-page site is how I felt this would be best accomplished.

Websites are subject to change appearance upon transfer of ownership.

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Social Media Marketing

As a marketing specialist, I offered my services to be involved on the company social media platforms. Running campaigns and promoting advertisements were vital in getting this startup off the ground.

We pushed the grand opening in attempts to raise awareness and gain a following, and since then the continued promotions include new offers and new additions to the menu.



What better way to tell people about a startup business than to show them the product? When I first tried to describe what a Crispý Cone was to my friends they didn't quite understand what it was since it's a dessert from the Czech Republic.

I offered my services as not only a marketing specialist/designer but also as a photographer. This increased the visual presence of Crispý Cones on Instagram and provided us with more visual content for the website.

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Customer Relations

Responding to customer reviews promptly showed that we are involved with our client base. Any negative reviews were immediately addressed in hopes of resolving issues or concerns.