Adam Harper




WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly


Cal-Ore Communications

Just recently my latest website design of Cal-Ore Communications launched! Having lived in the pine tree state for a couple of years, I was excited to work with a company based in the heart of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

For this website, I used WordPress at the request of the client. I've often found that WordPress works great for larger companies to allow for more in-depth customization. In the end, I was pleased to hear that the client loved the design and that it was precisely what they wanted.


Soapbox Agency

From 2017 to 2018, I worked with Soapbox Agency as their in-house website and graphic designer. The problem with Soapbox’s website was that it had not been updated in about three years and it was difficult for the management to upload current work or make changes to the site.

With the overhaul of their website, I made it easier for potential clients to see their latest projects while keeping it clean and uncluttered.


Jason Harper NM State Rep.

Ever since his first election in 2012, I have been the primary website designer for Jason Harper. The website has gone through several evolutions since the start of his campaign.

The site was initially hosted on Blogger for the first couple of years, then WordPress for the past four years, but we just recently switched to Squarespace. The goal with the current redesign of the website was to streamline the content while also switching to a provider that kept the backend up to date.


Pizza Nine

Initially, I had been hired to work on promoting the company through social media channels, but from the very first day, I knew that I had to help in redesigning the website. The original was old, barely functioning, and hardly customizable. Not to mention extremely pricey!

A company like Pizza Nine needed a complete overhaul on their site to promote their image and online ordering through their website. I saved the company 72% in marketing costs every year by redesigning and switching hosting providers.


Chello Grill

During my internship with Pizza Nine, I came to learn that Chello Grill was the “sister company” to Pizza Nine. Chello Grill had the same issues with the website such as limited functionality and poor performance.

While the group who owned these two companies was the same, I did my best to provide a very distinct style and feel to both sites. Mediterranean food is fresh, and light and I wanted this website to reflect that.


Websites are subject to change appearance upon transfer of ownership.