Adam Harper

Web/Ui @ Howard Hughes


Web/Ui at Howard Hughes

squarespace, webflow, adobe xd, front-end .NET design



One of the employee perks at Howard Hughes is being eligible to win an all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world. Five lucky winners would be selected and asked to share a daily blog post during their 10-day journey.

This refreshed design was launched at the latter end of the Season One travelers and in time to announce the start of the Second Season. was built on Squarespace.

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corporate intranet ui



A vast majority of my time with Howard Hughes has been spent working on designing user interfaces for our corporate intranet systems.

Having experience using Adobe Xd allowed me to design and hand off mockups to developers quickly.



Designing for a BPM intranet takes a lot of coordination. It involved working with all of the corporate departments in gathering their needs for a unified business/communication platform.

Every day we touch base directly with executive teams and chief administrative officers in coordinating design and development efforts.


corporate education



As part of designing a new intranet system, the Culture + People (Human Resources) department requested the development of a microsite for educating employees on the new intranet.

Using Webflow, I was able to create a front-end web design that will house video tutorials, learning guides, and the ability to provide feedback all within the microsite.